Wayne is a telescope simulator used to generate realistic data with all noise sources, reductions and systematics. Currently it is applied to the HST WFC IR instrument which uses two grisms, G102 and G141 for spectroscopy. The project has a particular focus on transmission spectroscopy of exoplanets.

For WFC3 IR, Wayne currently simulates:

  • Staring Mode
  • Spatial Scan Mode
  • Scan Speed Variations
  • Ramp or hook trend
  • X and Y positional shifts
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Flat Field, Bias, Gain etc
  • Read noise, stellar noise, sky background etc

Wayne is designed to be adapted to more instruments and systematics.


Wayne is a standalone program that should be ran in its own environement. It has not been tested with different package versions. To avoid issues installing wayne, or the installation breaking other python programs, we recomend using either virtualenvs or conda environments. This will save you alot of headache.

If you are using conda, create your environment

conda create -n wayne python=2

Clone this repo

git clone https://github.com/ucl-exoplanets/wayne.git

Move to the new directory, activate your virtual environment and install it

cd wayne
python setup.py install

If you are developing the package, you should install in edit mode instead so you are not required to install the package again after every update

pip install -e .


Wayne is ran by using the wayne command and a parameter file.

A bunch of these are included in the examples folder. Move to this directory and give one a try.

wayne -p hd209458b_12181_simulation_parameters.yml

This will take a while.


I would like to contribute

Great! An easy way to get involved is by addressing some of the raised issues or improving the test coverage by adding new tests. If you have a new feature idea you would like to implement please raise an issue first explaining what you plan to do. All contributions should be submitted using pull requests.

I am having trouble installing / using Wayne

Please raise a github issue explaining the problem

What does Wayne stand for?

After struggling to find a good name we just chose one. Wayne is a character in the Mistborn (Era 2) books who is an expert at imitation.