Analysis pipeline for HST/WFC3 spectroscopic observations of exoplanet transits and eclipses

A complete package to analyse single-object spatially scanned spectroscopic observations of extrasolar planets obtained with the near-infrared grisms (G102, G141) of the Wide Field Camera 3 on-board the Hubble Space Telescope.


  • Reduction of the raw frames.
  • Calibration of the position of the total spectrum and the different spectral elements.
  • Extraction of the total flux and the flux per spectral element.
  • Fitting of the white and the spectral light-curves.

Currently, fitting can be applied only on single-visit light-curves but in the next version it will be updated to fit also multiple visits of the same target simultaneously.



Open a terminal and type: pip install iraclis

Or download, unzip, cd in the unzipped directory, and type: python install

You will find a test dataset, including instructions on how to use the pipeline here (62.3 MB):

For any issues please send an E-mail at: